How This Writing Adventure Began

Have you ever wanted to do something but for one reason or another it just wasn’t happening?  When I became a teacher I also started thinking about writing children’s books.  I took writing courses along the way and wrote short stories but never tried to publish anything.  I loved teaching and my husband and I thoroughly enjoyed all of our three children’s activities, including baseball, soccer, dance, trumpet lessons, etc., etc., etc.  Life just has a way of flying by!  However, when I retired I decided it was now or never!  I wanted to write children’s books that would help them in some way.  I had been thinking about writing a story that would be based on when we lost our golden retriever.  I’m a person who has to think about things for a while before I start writing.  I had been thinking about this story for probably close to 10 years before I retired.  (I told you it takes me awhile to think about things before I write!  Luckily, it doesn’t always take me 10 years.)  I wanted it to address the many emotions and questions that children go through, but somehow also make it an uplifting story.  After writing and rewriting it many times I finally felt I had the story I wanted.  Where did Nicky Go? was published November 26, 2019.  I was very excited!  However, little did I know how relevant it would be to the times we would all soon be living through.  Sadly, the pandemic has taken so many of our loved ones.  Children and adults are having to go through the grieving process.  My heart goes out to all of those families.  I hope that in some way my book will help children. had asked me for an interview and an excerpt from Where Did Nicky Go?  Today I was notified that it is on their homepage!  Click on the link below to view it in its entirety.

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    • I’m so glad you and your granddaughters loved my first two books. My third is currently being published. The illustrations are being created as I write this.

  1. What Is Grandpa Up to Now? Reminded me in my younger days where I sought assistance to grandad solving for my math problems <3 . I missed him. Kudos to Lucy for a well-written story. My kids loved it.

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